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European University Association (EUA)
EUA Trends 2018 - Learning and Teaching in the European Higher Education Area
By Michael Gaebel & Thérèse Zhang
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Cooperation in Cross-Border Higher Education
A Toolkit for Quality Assurance Agencies
© European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education AISBL 2015, Brussels
European University Association (EUA)
New modes of delivery ... e-learning
By Michael Gaebel
European Students Union (ESU)
Bologna with Student Eyes 2018 - The Final Countdown
By Caroline Sundberg, Katrina Koppel, Helge Schwitters, Chiara Patricolo, Adam Gajek, Aleksandar Susnjar, Filip Prihoda, Gohar Hovhannisyan
European Association For Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA )
Considerations for Quality Assurance of E-Learning provision, 2018
By Esther Huertas, Ivan Biscan, Charlotte Ejsing, Lindsey kerber, Liza Kozlowska, Sandra Marcos Ortega, Liia LaurI, Monika Risse, Kerstin Schörg, Georg Seppmann
Cooperative and Work Integrated Education
Different modes of delivery
Dual Education Programmes, 2016

By Johannes Haas
European Commission (EC)
Dropout and Completion in Higher Education in Europe
Main Report, 2015
Education and Culture
European Union (EU)
ECTS Users' Guide 2015
European Union
European Higher Education (EHEA)
European Approach Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes, October 2014
Approved by EHEA ministers in May 2015
Enhancing Quality through Innovative
Policy & Practice in European Higher Education (EQUIP)
FAIR project Recognition ESG 1-4
By EQUIP Workshop, 15-3-2016, VU, Amsterdam
European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA )
How will external QA change as a result of the adoption of ESG 2015?
By Dr. Padraig Walsh
European Quality Assurance & Register for Higher Education (EQAR)
How will external QA change as a result of the ESG 2015?
EQUIP Webinar by Colin Tück

Thomas & More
Institutions Responsibility & Supporting Teaching Staff
EQUIP Webinar by Isabel Deprez
European Quality Assurance & Register for Higher Education
Use and Interpretation of the ESG
for the European Register of Quality Assurance Agencies

Register Commitee: November 2017-11-21
European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA)

Quality Procedures in the EHEA and beyond - Internationalisation of Quality Assurance Agencies
By Josep Grifoll, Achim Hopbach, Anthony Mcclaran, Paula Ranne, Teresa Sánchez Chaparro, Aurelija Valeikiene

European Students' Union (ESU )
New tools for new realities: Intro to the revised European Standards and Guidelines (ESGs) for Quality Assurance
By Fernando M Galán Palomares (ESU Chairperson)
EQUIP Workshop Amsterdam, 14 March 2016
Harmonizing Approaches to Professional Higher Education in Europe (HAPHE )
Professional Higher Education in Europe
Characteristics, Practice Examples and National Differences

By Anthony F. Camilleri, Stefan Delplace, Marek Frankowicz, Raimund Hudak, Anne Christin Tannhäuser
Education Ιnternational

Student Centred Learning from the teachers perspective
By Jens Vraa-Jensen
EQUIP seminar June 7th 2016
Education & International
European & Students' Union (ESU)

Student-Centered Learning Toolkit
By Michael Gaebel
Education International Europe (ETUCE) 

The role of teachers in QA
By Jens Vraa-Jensen
Education and Training
The Structure of the European Education Systems 2018/19 Eurydice – Facts and Figures

European University Association
University Quality Indicators:   
A Critical Assessment

By Bernd Wächter (ACA), Maria Kelo (ENQA), Queenie K.H. Lam (ACA), Philipp Effertz (DAAD), Christoph Jost (DAAD), Stefanie Kottowski (DAAD)