200.1 Application for Evaluation - Accreditation - Program of Study
200.1.2 A Guide to Self-study for Basic Medical Education
200.2 Application for Institutional Evaluation
200.2.2 Attachment – For the issuing a Certificate of Inspection for Public and Public Use Buildings (Greek)
200.3 Application for Departmental Evaluation
200.4 Application for evaluating (reviewing) programs of study offered with the Method of Franchise
300.1.1 External Evaluation Report - Program of Study
300.1.1/1 External Evaluation Report for Basic Medical Education
300.1.2 Second Evaluation Report / Program of Study
300.2.2 External Evaluation Report – Institutional Evaluation  
400.2Α Final report of the CYQAA - Accreditation of program of study
500.1.03 Academic Personnel Short Profile / Short CV (For Universities)
500.1.04 Academic Personnel Short Profile / Short CV (For Institutions of Higher Education - non university)
600.1 Guidelines for the Members of External Evaluation Committees (EECs)

*Note:Τhe abovementioned standards have been adopted by CYQAA’s Council during its 8th Summit (18 and 19 July 2016) and are used by the External Evaluation Committees for the external evaluation of Medical and Health related Programmes at Bachelors and Masters level, in addition to the criteria included in form number 300.1.