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Thematic Analysis

According to ESG 3.4 “Agencies should regularly publish reports that describe and analyse the general findings of their external quality assurance activities. Guidelines: In the course of their work, agencies gain information on programmes and institutions that can be useful beyond the scope of a single process, providing material for structured analyses across the higher education system. These findings can contribute to the reflection on and the improvement of quality assurance policies and processes in institutional, national and international contexts. A thorough and careful analysis of this information will show developments, trends and areas of good practice or persistent difficulty."

The Agency has established a process for analyzing the External Committees’ Evaluation Reports, reflecting on them and publishing the main trends and quality indicators of higher education in Cyprus. One member of staff has been entrusted with the collection and initial analysis of the experts’ findings and recommendations. A second staff member is always used for inter-rate agreement.

A report of the initial findings will be presented at the end of each academic semester/year to the Council for reflection, further elaboration on the programs’ and institutions’ compliance with ESG, their differentiation in quality, and the achievement of the expected progress and compliance with the ESG.

The thematic analysis reports are published on the Agency’s website for institutions’ and other stakeholders’ reflections on difficulties and on positive trends.

#TitlePeriodNumber of programsPublication DatePublication
01-0001Colleges’ Short Cycle Programs’ Evaluation: Trends and Dominant IssuesSeptember 2017 - September 20184201-04-2019
01-0002Master programmes’ Evaluation: Trends and Dominant IssuesSeptember 2017 - September 20184102-04-2019
01-0003Master E-learning programmes’ evaluation: Trends and Dominant IssuesJanuary 2016 - January 20192603-06-2019
01-0004E-learning Masters' programmes’ evaluation: Trends and Dominant IssuesFebruary 2019 - February 20203201-06-2020
01-0005PhD Program’s EvaluationSeptember 2015 - September 20203118-02-2021
01-0006Student Assessment: Trends and Dominant IssuesSeptember 2018 - September 20216006-07-2022
01-0007Instructional and assessment practices in higher education institutions in CyprusSeptember 2021 - September 20237530-08-2023
01-0008Thesis Types of Masters Programmes of StudySeptember 2021 - May 202320530-05-2024