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George Aletraris

George Aletraris is an Education Officer at CYQAA, where he manages HEIs' applications for programmatic, departmental and institutional evaluations.  His duties involve the selection of EEC members, communication, organization and scheduling of their visits.  Furthermore, the preparation of all the necessary documentation related to the experts’ visit, EEC members’ briefing and orientation and the accompanying of the EEC members during site visits and facilitating the work of the EEC during their stay in Cyprus with additional feedback.  George is responsible for studying the experts’ external evaluation reports and the write-up of reports memorandums and letters to HEIs on the basis of Council decisions.  Other duties involve the representation of the Agency at the International Educational Exhibition, as well as the training of new staff on issues related to the Agency’s operation.  Preparation of announcements which are published on the Agency’s website, translating and editing of CYQAA documents Greek-English and vice versa.  Moreover, George is the appointed national coordinator for the notifications of the new diplomas of the Cypriot universities through the Internal Market information system (IMI) as provided by the Directive 2013/55/EU in order to inform the other member states and the European Commission.  CYQAA acts as a notification authority of diplomas in addition to the tasks as coordinator.  George has a BA and MA in Geography as well as a Master in City Planning.  Prior to joining CYQAA, he has held various geography teaching positions in Cyprus and Canada, as well as a City Planning position in the United States.