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Lefkios Neophytou

Dr Lefkios Neophytou is an Education Officer at CYQAA, managing HEIs' applications for programmatic, departmental and institutional evaluations. He attended undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Cyprus (B.A. in Educational Sciences, 1999; M.A. in Educational Administration and Curriculum Development, 2004; PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, 2009).

He worked as faculty member in various higher education institutions such as the University of Cyprus, the Cyprus International Institute of Management, the Open University of Cyprus and the University of Nicosia. He has also worked as an officer at the the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute and the Office of the Commissioner for Children's Rights. Further to his duties at CYQAA, he is a board member in academic/research organisations and he has participated in various ad hoc scientific committees in Cyprus [i.e Committee for the development of tests for the selection of pre-primary, primary and secondary teachers for employment in public schools in the Republic of Cyprus, Committee for the development of Attainment Targets/Indicators for the curriculum of Environmental Education/Education for Sustainable Development, Committee for the development of the strategic plan for student evaluation in elementary schools]. He is actively involved in research projects funded by the EU or the government of Cyprus. His recent research interests focus on effective differentiated instruction examining various factors pertaining to its success such as instructional leadership, curriculum development and teacher training/professional development. He has over 100 scientific publications published in peer reviewed journals, edited books and conference proceedings.