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Reinforcement of the Process of Teaching Evaluation by Students

The Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Higher Education, based on the recommendations made by Experts participating in the External Evaluation Committees, decided during its 88th Summit (19 December 2022) to inform higher education institutions that a key parameter of the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) refers to the participation of students in the evaluation of teaching. Since the External Evaluation Committees have pointed out weaknesses and shortcomings in the management and utilization of questionnaires policy, the Agency points out the following:

  1. The utilization of the evaluation of teaching by students is an important indicator of the institution’s quality policy.
  2. The policy for the management of evaluation questionnaires should be clearly formulated and students, through their representatives, should be involved in its formation.
  3. The policy includes the most appropriate methodology for distributing the questionnaires to students, with the aim of maximizing participation as well as the manner in which results can be utilized both at institutional level and at the level of the Faculty, Departments and Programs.
  4. Students should be made aware of the implementation of safeguards to ensure their anonymity and how the data from the evaluation will be used to improve curricula, teaching and the tools/infrastructures used.
  5. Completed questionnaires should be sent to the Department Chair and the faculty member of the institution teaching the course.
  6. The evaluation of teaching by students constitutes a key reference point for the promotion/re-employment of academic staff, who should be encouraged to include it in their evaluation file, as an optional and/or compulsory element, depending on the policy decided by each institution.
  7. The students, through their representatives, are informed that the evaluation questionnaires have been analyzed and that the results have been communicated to the lecturers and departmental presidents.

22 December 2022