Seminar on Academic Integrity

The Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Higher Education (CYQAA) announces its Seminar on Academic Integrity, delivered by Dr Helen Gniel, Director of Higher Education Integrity Unit at Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency of the Greater Melbourne Area, Australia.

The keynote speaker and workshop facilitator will present effective approaches to supporting academic integrity through the Higher Education Integrity Unit and how the Unit identifies and addresses increasing or emerging risks to the integrity higher education.

During the workshop Fostering Academic Integrity - A Collaborative Endeavor, participants will explore the critical need for collaboration within and between institutions, across borders, to combat the threat of academic cheating, given the scale of this industry. Through interactive activities and discussions, participants will have the opportunity to reflect and share insights on mechanisms in place to educate students about studying with integrity and addressing academic misconduct.

During the Workshop Rethinking Assessment in the Age of AI, participants will discover the challenges posed by generative AI in the realm of assessment and how institutions are responding. Participants will also delve into guidelines for the appropriate use of AI tools, assess academic staff's readiness, and explore the ongoing transformation of teaching, learning, and assessment.

The seminar will take place on October 31, 2023 ( 8.30 - 15.30 (EEST)) at Cleopatra Hotel in Nicosia.

The seminar is addressed to higher education institution’s representatives. Participation is limited to 2 (two) representatives per institution. 

Click on the link below to register, no later than October 20, 2023

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Academic Integrity


29 September 2023