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CYQAA Personnel Training Seminar

On 2 March 2019, a staff training seminar on the use of the external evaluation criteria, was held at the Offices of CYQAA.

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 Based on the experience gathered, to date, by the external evaluations carried out, and on the basis of ENQA's recommendations, the CYQAA Council has drawn up new templates/forms, and reformulated its qualitative and quantitative criteria for external evaluation.

The seminar which was held under the coordination of the President of the Council, Prof. Mary Koutselini, aimed at a common understanding of the criteria and the proper guidance of the members of the External Evaluation Committees by the officers, so that the maximum consistency in the implementation of the criteria and the full documentation of the findings by committees are achieved.

The seminar has contributed to,

  • a common understanding and interpretation of the external evaluation criteria
  • a better understanding of the role of the Agency's staff during the evaluation process
  • the awareness on the issues that may arise during the evaluation process.
26 March 2018